SpatialChat Release 27/10/21

Hey guys! We have prepared a new release for you! :rocket: Feel free to explore it! :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Room gapping - now you can paste a deep link on any room into a text block and gap to this room just by clicking on this link :scream: Make your event even more fun with those “rabbit holes” :heart_eyes:
  • Halloween Backgrounds - scary times are here and we’re ready! :jack_o_lantern: Try out our new background pack for your mystical party or candy collecting activity :ghost:
  • Bug fixes and improvements - we’re trying to make SpatialChat better and add some little improvements and bug fixes for the best experience :rocket:

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This is the big one! It really changes the game for my BardQuest project. Can’t thank you guys enough for continuing to innovate with this platform!


Thank you so much! We love users like you :heart:

Why are there no new releases posted here?

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