SpatialChat Release 22/04/21

Hey guys! We have already cooked a new release of SpatialChat right after our Birthday :partying_face: Try to explore now :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Room Padlock - the most requested feature from our lovely users - now you can lock any Room in your Space with a password except the last because we need to leave one for new guests. :closed_lock_with_key:
  • Clear ChatBar - now you can clear all messages in the current room or all messages from your Space. :wastebasket:
  • ToolTips for Add Room - now, we show you the Room type description when you add a new room. Just tap on the β€œAdd Room” button and see :scream_cat:
  • A lot of small improvements and bug fixes from our Dev TeamπŸ§‘πŸ½β€πŸ’»

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